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What better way to step outside and into the world of exploring? Whether you're summiting and need waterproof women's hiking boots, or are just planning a day hike and need a new pair of women's hiking shoes, we've got you covered. Timberland's selection of hiking boots for women is set for any terrain. Put in the max effort and know you'll get maximum performance in return from our line of boots. And don't forget to browse our selection of backpacks and tote bags so none of your gear gets left behind.

There's no feeling quite as deflating as the one when you realize your hiking boots can't pass muster on a hike or in the middle of a backpacking adventure. Make sure you never have that feeling again with a pair of leather or waterproof women's hiking boots from Timberland. Durability is our top priority, which is why we make some of the best women's hiking boots around. We always choose outsole materials that are perfect for getting the best grip on slippery terrain.

When you need the best hiking boots for taking on Mother Nature head-on, we've got the hiking socks dry. Lace up your boots for mountaineering: our specially designed lugs give you the grip you need whatever the weather. And if you still haven't found the boots you're looking for, check back later with our new arrivals. We're always coming up with new and exciting ways to get you on the trail.

Pairing with a rain jacket and our collection of breathable hiking boots will get you up the mountain and back down in comfort and style. Our waterproof hiking shoes have the breathability to keep you comfy, which makes them perfect trail running shoes. Their cushioned insoles and supportive midsoles are specially engineered for comfort to keep your feet from aching as the miles pile on. Our taller boots offer extra ankle support for the tricky patches of trail. With suede interior details, you won't even feel the need to break in your new boots for them to be comfortable.