Men's Magnitude 6-Inch Waterproof Comp-Toe Work Boots
Men's Timberland PRO® Boondock 8" Comp Toe Boots
Men's PRO® Gridworks 8" Alloy Toe Work Boots

Tackle any task with our Timberland PRO® boots. Our men's work boots are waterproof, rugged, and insulated, made to stand up to long hours on the job site rain or shine. Their tough leather exteriors and steel toes will help to keep your feet safe from hazards, and their soft interiors and supportive structures will keep your feet comfortable all day long.

Many worksites require steel-toed boots in order to even set foot on site, and our steel toe work boots provide the comfort and protection you need to get the job done. For an alternative option, we have composite toe work boots if you're looking for a non-metallic boot. And if you'd prefer something that offers strength and protection but without the weight, our alloy toe work boots strike the right balance between safety and comfort.

There are more hazards in a workplace than just heavy loads and sharp falling objects. That's why our men's work boots have a few more in-built features for your safety, including a slip-resistant Vibram® outsole to help you keep your footing in wet and icy conditions. You'll also find insulated boots to battle Canada's harsh winters, and heat-resistant styles to protect against the welding torch.

With Anti-Fatigue Technology in the insoles and waterproof outers, these work boots will be comfortable enough that you'll forget you're even wearing them. And in the heat, their moisture-wicking lining will help to keep your feet drier for a more comfortable workday.