Men's Vibram® Waterproof Hiking Boots
Men's World Hiker Waterproof Boots

Before setting out on your next trek, lace up a pair of Timberland's leather or waterproof hiking boots to conquer mountain trails and take you where you want to go. Timberland's hiking boots for men have met the tests that hikers, trail runners, and outdoor enthusiasts have demanded of their footwear, so you can trust their reputation. Slip into a pair of comfy socks, load up your backpack, and take your men's hiking shoes on a challenging multi-day trek, casual day hike, or anything in between!

Discover solid men's hiking boots for any experience, including leather hiking boots and climbing shoes. Our trailblazing men's waterproof GTX hiking boots have summited endless mountains and conquered trails. Ready to go mountaineering? The specially-designed lugs on our outsoles will provide grip even when the trail gets slippery. We have the perfect backpacking boots for those long-haul trips, or the kind of durability you need to go rogue and off trail. Combine them with one of our waterproof jackets or sweatshirts and you'll be set for any adventure.

Be a bridger of gaps, a forder of rivers, or a hiker of trails! Wherever you choose to trek, we'll have your back with the men's hiking boots you can trust. When it rains, slip on a pair of our waterproof hiking shoes. The sealed exterior and Gore-Tex® interior membrane combination offers the best in breathability and waterproofing. And when the going gets tough, the Vibram® outsoles will help you with your footing. There's also insulated hiking boots for cold-weather excursions.

Backcountry backpacking trips are already tough enough on your body. Make the trail feel more like home with comfortable, breathable hiking or trail running shoes that will keep you moving. Each footbed offers multiple layers of cushioning to ward off aching feet. Our thick outsoles keep rough trail debris from poking through and midsoles offer the extra layer of support for your feet. And soft insoles cushion every step, to keep you going for hours. Our taller boots even offer ankle support that's perfect for long and treacherous hikes. Not only will you feel good, you'll look good too! Our leather and suede exteriors protect against wear and tear to keep your boots looking their best. Just don't forget to pack a pair of sandals or slides for when you need easy-on camp shoes.