If it's not comfortable, they simply won't wear it. Our collection of easy-on styles for kids ages five to nine is ideal for young ones just learning to pull on their own boots. And for those who proudly show off their lacing up skills each day, we have a number of lace-up boots to let them practice their skills. Each pair comes with a slip-resistant outsole and a comfortable insole for practicality and all-day wear.

From the classic black boot to a bright pink sandal, we've got a collection of designs and styles to make the kids proud to show off their new footwear at school. As well as looking great, these kids' boots and sandals will last the distance, standing up to crawling all over the playground, running around the backyard, and scuffing their toes on the way to school.

For many Canadian kids, hiking is a rite of passage, and the only way to do it is with a great pair of hiking shoes and a sense of adventure. As you pull on your rugged men's and women's hiking boots, they can pull on a miniature version of their own. But just because they are small doesn't mean they are any less durable, as all Timberland kid's hiking boots are made with high-quality materials such as genuine leather and waterproof out-soles for all-day support and comfort as they discover a new-found love of nature.

Timberland uses American size standards, so you can use the kids' footwear size chart to determine the best fit for your little one. You can either convert your child's shoe size from another standard, or print out our handy PDF to measure their foot at home. Keep in mind you can also find your nearest store to try the shoes in person, or make the most of our free returns policy if you need to exchange the shoes.

The beauty of kids' boots is that they work well with any casual outfit - and it's not like the young ones are spending a lot of time in businesswear. Lace-up sneakers and hiking boots are great with a simple t-shirt and pants ensemble, and sandals are the go-to option for summer days and shorts (and plenty of sunscreen). In winter, the classic Timberland waterproof boot is made for snowy paths and chilly mornings, and will pair perfectly with snow pants and jackets.