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When your little ones have energy to burn and want to race up the trails with you, they'll need kids' hiking boots that support their feet with every step. Timberland is known for our top-quality hiking boots, and we take as much care in the creation of our collection for the youngest explorers across the country. Kit them out with a pair of our classic yellow boots and throw on a backpack for their snacks, and you'll be ready to go.

Our kids' hiking shoes are as sturdy as the designs for adults. They are made to tackle tough terrain, wet conditions, and uneven surfaces. The materials include PrimaLoft® insulation, which uses a patented microfibre structure that helps to retain warmth, even if they get wet. However, the waterproofed outer layers should keep out the rain and puddles for dry feet no matter the weather. The padded collar gives small feet a more comfortable fit around the ankle, and the rubber lug sole helps to keep them from slipping on wet or icy surfaces.

From jumping in puddles to racing through the rain, some kids just love to get wet. For them, our waterproof hiking boots can help to keep them dry no matter how hard they try. With waterproof and water-resistant styles, our boots will keep the water on the outside. Not to mention, extra features such as the seam-sealed construction will ensure nothing gets past the seams, and the EVA-blend foam will offer high-rebound cushioning to help those big puddle jumpers.

The little hikers of tomorrow already appreciate the great outdoors, which is why we're taking steps towards better looking after it. Our GreenStride™ series use a 75% combination of renewable sugar cane and rubber to make them super comfortable, and our ReBOTL™ fabric is made from at least 50% recycled plastic. You'll also notice many of our kids' hiking boots use Better Leather, which is sourced from Gold and Silver rated tanneries. There's still work to be done, but little steps can achieve great things!

And don't forget, you can match your little one with our women's and men's hiking boots.