Men's Welch Mountain Puffer Vest
Men's Quilted Gloves
Men's Timberland PRO® Dry Shift Lightweight Jacket

Make your outdoorsy guy a happy camper and take gift-giving to the next level. Timberland has high-quality best sellers that make the best gifts for him. Find a backpack for him to carry his favourite stainless steel water bottle that he takes on every hike. He'll love a duffle bag to hold his camping gear, or even a sleeping bag, camping stove, first aid kit, and a multi-tool to round out his camping essentials. Help him prepare for everything from road trips to kayaking adventures.

If you're looking for a great gift that combines functionality and aesthetics, we've got exactly what you need this holiday season. Need gifts for hikers looking to explore the woods, provincial parks, or just the local trails? We've got heavy-duty hiking boots for men that make for a great gift for him. Does your special someone enjoy relaxing in a hammock or a camping chair at the campsite? Grab him a flannel shirt that's still comfy after a long day of wear. Is he braving the weather for a backpacking trip? He can layer a hoodie with water-resistant and waterproof gifts for an outdoor look that will keep him warm and dry on the go.

Whether it's getting your outdoor lover a unique gift or rounding up some last-minute stocking stuffers, we've got the extra add-ons for camping trips, backpacking adventures, cold-weather hikes, and more. Help him stay warm in the snow with warm gifts like hats, scarves and gloves, with plenty of room for hand warmers. If he's already got the outdoor gadgets like carabiners and a headlamp, he'll love accessories that he can wear in the city or in the wild. A sky cap is perfect for the summer weather while a scarf or gaiter will help him stay warm in winter. If you can't think of anything else, there's always a gift card.

Create a gift set for him with a personalized touch that he'll love opening. Pack him a duffel bag with a t-shirt and some joggers along with some running shoes if he's planning on hitting the gym more next year. If he's trying to organize the chargers and rechargeable batteries for his gadgets, our Men's Cabot Overnight Backpack is perfect for holding a toiletry bag and cord organiser, while still having room for a laptop and extra clothing. Round out his gift set with cozy gifts for relaxing at home.