Image of a man with short dreads against a blank background sitting in a camp chair, legs outstretched, wearing a pair of dark gray Timberland boots, a t-shirt to match, light grey sweatpants with the Timberland logo down one leg, and a dark blue button-down shirt.

Seasonal colors &
waterproof protection



Defy the weather in super-soft clothing

Image of a man with close-cropped hair, wearing a brown Timberland hoodie with a tan Timberland tree logo on the front, smiling and sitting on a bench by a river, with a bridge overhead.
Split-image. First image to the left is of a male construction worker cutting through PVC pipe with an electric saw. He is outside of the warehouse his team is constructing on a clear, sunny day while wearing all Timberland PRO outerwear and Timberland PRO boots. The second image is a close up view of MEN'S MAGNITUDE 6-inch COMPOSITE TOE WATERPROOF WORK BOOTS in color brown full-grain, sitting on top of saw dust on what appears to be a cement floor.

tech. performance.
lighter-weight design.

the all-new magnitude
waterproof work boot